About Heidi

For over 12 years I have helped my clients navigate the process of buying & selling property in this great city of Los Angeles.  Being a native of Los Angeles, I am well versed in the nuances that each area offers.

From single family homes, to income properties, from therapist to marriage counselor to legal scholar & financial advisor, I value my role & purpose in peoples lives.  

I grew up in Studio City, my parents are still in the same house!  I produced television commercials for 15 years, yielding me a lifetime of experience and an abundance of great friendships.

My life was full in production, but I always had an inner passion to pursue my real estate career.  For those who always ask me "how do I make a change" the answer is simple.  Passion.  If you don't have a drive to do something you simply won't do it.  I was able to transition from one wonderful career to my real estate business simply because I love what I do.  It sounds cliché, but its true.

I currently live in Larchmont Village. I am humbled to live in a community in which I work and where I have an influence on those I help.  It's truly humbling.  

Compassion and simplicity in a big city, just like me!

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Family Matters:

For me, family is my world. Paige (19), and Cole (15), surround me with love, positivity, energy, and support.  In turn, they allow me to give my business the same attributes.

Paige is magnetic & beautiful. she is smart & mature, yet young and full of energy & excitement. She is effervescent and bubbling over! Cole is love. He is open & warm. He is loving & beautiful. My kids experience the way in which i conduct my business and the emphasis I place on being hardworking, friendly & fair.

Family is the most important thing, that’s why I value your family like I value my own.

My promise to you:


My track record of success and productivity are my promise.

I love houses, I always have! If it wasn’t my profession, it would be my hobby. My love and passion for real estate is infectious and creates an energy that is shared with each and every client. With your family in mind, I want you feel like you’re part of mine. I want the home-buying experience to not only achieve all of your real estate needs, but awaken all the possibilities of your future.