My Team




Andy (My "girl Friday") handles all of my paperwork. She is the direct contact for all disclosures and real estate forms that are required during transactions. Andy keeps me organized and grants me the time to focus on the aspects of the deal that are most important.


She is in direct contact with clients and is so amazing and succinct when explaining the massive amounts of paperwork required.  She does all of this with a smile and a friendly manner that I expect from anyone who represents me.




The minute I put a property into Escrow, Cory uses her expert knowledge to get the transaction completed easily and effortlessly. She is the neutral 3rd party ("Switzerland" I call her) that brings together all parties in the transaction. She communicates with both the buyer and the seller in the transaction, making sure that each side is providing proper information as it becomes due, as well as handling all monies and legalities of the transaction.  She does it all in a wonderfully friendly manner, and even though each transaction is different, Cory adjusts to fill any need. Cory has the honor of saying those final words that all buyers & sellers want to hear when a transaction has come to an end - "We're Closed" and there's truly no one better to pass that on!


I expect my lenders to offer my clients the same level of service I provide.  They must understand the nuances that comprise each individual client, while keeping the process pleasant, efficient & simple to understand. A valuable lender must be able to handle problems as they arise, and find solutions to those problems.   I trust the lenders I work explicitly and I will refer a lender that will provide you with quality service and an optimal lending product.  The result will be a satisfied customer and a property owner!