Your home becomes part of your identity, and though it may be time to move on, you want to make sure to recoup the value you deserve. One of my greatest attributes is pricing homes. I have a talent for identifying the value of your property. Whether you need a bigger home for a growing family, or scaling down and harnessing equity, it’s just as important to understand where you’re going as knowing where you’ve been.

I go beyond, taking the extra care and consideration for your specific needs going forward. Change is a constant in life, but it doesn’t need to be met with uncertainty and anxiousness. My ability to listen to your needs, and guide you on how to attain your goals, will provide you with an open door of opportunities.



During this exciting time I walk you through every step, making it all easy and transparent. I take of all the details, so you can focus on the big picture. I work hard optimally pricing your home and getting it ready for the market, making sure each room resonates with buyers. I use my expertise and a critical eye to key in on the specific elements that speak to the buyers’ lifestyle through design and arrangement. This not only elevates the value, but increases interest in your home from day one, guaranteeing every moment on the market is a great opportunity.

I take responsibility for your home, for you and for the process.



1. What is my house worth?

2. Is it a good time to sell?


For sellers it is simple.  

Your house is worth what a willing buyer is willing to pay.  However, we want to make sure that we are best prepared to attain the highest possible value.

How is that accomplished?

Once the decision is made to put your home on the market it is best to think of it as an asset that is being sold, no longer the family house. The house may or may not need improvements, repairs, staging, painting, de-cluttering, landscaping, etc…

I will work with you to show you what items should be done to gain value in the sale of your home, and what items you do not need to do.  You want to do those items that will bring you a return on your sale and not invest in items that won’t.  

In addition to preparing the house, this becomes a good exercise in preparing you for the eventual sale of your home.  The decision to sell your home is a personal one and for each seller the reasons may vary.  For some it’s a happy time, for others it is not.  But the need to sell is the constant.  I will work with you no matter your circumstances to achieve the highest possible sale, in the least amount of time, with the least amount of hassle.

My clients often ask me if I think it’s a good time to sell?  My response is always the same.  If it’s a good time for you, it’s a good time to sell.  Trying to time the market to only sell when the market is high and only buy when the market is low is something that even the most savvy investors have trouble doing.  If it is the right time for you, it’s the right time to sell.  Period.  What are you waiting for?